COVID-19 Guidelines

We are looking forward to welcoming back in-person audiences. If you are attending an event, please read the guidelines below.

-        No one should enter the building if they, or anyone in their household, have COVID-19 or are showing symptoms.

-        Face coverings are to be worn at all times.

-        Contact details of every individual entering the building will be collected by the event organiser and held for 21 days. Visitors using the NHS Covid-19 app may use the QR code displayed in the entrance as an alternative to providing their contact details.

-        A one-way system is in place around the building including a queuing system to enter the hall. This must be followed at all times.

-        Sanitiser dispensers are located in the foyer and around the building. All visitors should make use of these on arrival and exit.

-        Doors are pinned open to minimise touchpoints and maximise airflow. Signage indicates the reduced maximum capacity of the toilets.

-        Events currently run with no intermission. The bar is closed.

-        Our air ventilation system is running at 100% fresh air so please dress appropriately.

-        At the end of event, stewards will ensure you are able to exit whilst remaining socially distanced.

If you have any concerns about the concert hall reopening please contact us on