190316 CPS The Seasons

Cambridge Philharmonic

The Seasons

Saturday 16th March

7:30 pm

The years Haydn spent in London in the 1790s were incredibly profitable, both musically and financially. Entertained by royalty and acclaimed by the public and press alike, Haydn ended up writing some 250 works during his stay and professed it the happiest time of his life.

It was a grand performance in Westminster Abbey marking Handel’s centenary that inspired Haydn to write his own oratorios - first The Creation(1799) and, almost immediately afterwards, The Seasons (1801). With a lifetime of experience to draw on it’s perhaps no wonder that Haydn’s invention was at its peak in The Seasons, with masterful orchestration, ingenious word-setting and even a quote from his own Surprise symphony. But the care he lavished on the piece took its toll on his health and it turned out to be his last major work.

A trio of outstanding young singers join the Cambridge Philharmonic for this performance, which features a new English translation by the conductor Paul McCreesh.

Haydn The Seasons

Conductor Timothy Redmond
Soprano Rebecca Bottone
Tenor James Way
Bass Milan Siljanov

Ticket & Booking Information
£12, £16, £20, £25 (Students and under-18s £10 on the door)

Cambridge Live 01223 357851

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