221128 CUSO

Cambridge University Symphony Orchestra

From Source to Mouth

Monday 28th November 2022

7:30 pm

Streams, fountains, rivers and bathtubs abound in this eclectic programme from Cambridge University’s premiere student-led orchestra. The programme opens with Mendelssohn’s little-known Overture of the Fair Melusine which loosely evokes the legend of a water-nymph who forbids her husband from seeing her on a Saturday, when she takes the form of a mermaid. In Maeterlinck’s symbolist play Pelléas and Mélisande, water acts as a foreteller of destiny and a catalyst in the downfall and death of Mélisande. Fauré’s suite from his incidental music to the play anticipates more famous works by Schoenberg and Debussy. John Luther Adams’ ‘Become River’ invites us to be beside the flow of a river from source to mouth. Finally, we end in Europe, following the Rhine in Schumann’s Third Symphony, the ‘Rhenish’.

Mendelssohn Die schöne Melusine
Fauré Pelléas et Mélisande
John Luther Adams Become River
Schumann Symphony No.3 “Rhenish”

Ticket & Booking Information
£12 Adult
£8 Concessions
£5 Student/Child

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