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Grade-One-A-Thon Reunion 2015

Clueless in Competition

Sunday 22nd February 2015

7:30 pm

100 Local Musicians make music in aid of Medecins Sans Frontieres. Presented by Tim Lihoreau of Classic FM.

Russell Keable conductor
Silas Wollston chorus director

With special guests Prime Brass, Steve Bingham, Marie Noelle-Kendall and Cambridge Wind Band

Simon Brown Concert Suite
Grade-One-A-Thon Orchestra cond. Russell Keable

Stephen Roberts (arr.) Concerto di Cucaracha
Gershwin arr. Alan Fernie Porgy & Bess
Prime Brass

Debussy Syrinx
Yes Owner of a Lonely Heart
Steve Bingham

Fauré Nocturne op. 84 no. 8 in D flat major
Marie-Noelle Kendall

Nigel Hess Thames Journey
Cambridge Wind Band cond. Viv Halton

David Nield (arr.) Singin’ in the rain
Daryl Runswick (arr.) She walked through the fair
Grade-One-A-Thon Chorus dir. Silas Wollston

Ticket & Booking Information
£15 (£12 concession)
ADC Ticketing 01223 300085

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