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Hail! Bright Cecilia

Purcell’s hymn to music – the voice of nature itself

Wednesday 8th March

7:30 pm

Academy of Ancient Music
Laurence Cummings conductor

‘Tis nature’s voice! Laurence Cummings and Academy of Ancient Music take Henry Purcell’s Ode to Saint Cecilia as the starting point for a musical journey through the whole of creation.

‘Hail! Bright Cecilia, Hail! fill ev'ry Heart / With Love of thee and thy Celestial Art!’ Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of music, and in London, in 1692 and at the height of his power and popularity, Henry Purcell composed this exuberant, blossoming hymn to music – an art that he saw as nothing less than the voice of nature itself.

That’s just the centrepiece of a concert inspired by Purcell’s vision, a world where creativity holds the universe together and all music – from a soldier’s pipe to the choirs of Heaven – is part of a cosmic harmony. Purcell’s music has a special place in the AAM’s story: directed by Laurence Cummings, it’ll sound livelier and more joyous than ever.

Purcell: Ode to Saint Cecilia Z328
Locke: Suite from The Tempest

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Tickets: £5 – £37.50
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