Responses to Indonesian Gamelan Music

Cambridge University Lunchtime Concert

Tuesday 14th February

1:10 pm

Cambridge Gamelan Society and guest soloists
Imaan Kashim violin
Raphael Herberg cello
Jonathan Parapadakis saxophone
Isaac Sebenius & Tammas Slater piano
Rob Campion & Victoria Major Balinese Gendér Wayang duo

The Cambridge Gamelan is a Javanese tuned percussion ensemble of gongs and metallophones based at the Faculty of Music. The group is a mix of students and local people. This ensemble is joined by various soloists and will feature works by Lou Harrison for violin, cello, saxophone and gamelan, Colin McPhee's two piano transcriptions of Balinese Ceremonial Music, and examples of traditional Balinese and Javanese gamelan music.

Trad. Javanese Ladrang Kutut Manggung
Colin McPhee Balinese Cermonial Music (1st Movt)
Trad. Balinese Tuland Lindung
Lou Harrison Double Concerto for Violin and Cello with Javanese Gamelan (1st Movt)
Trad. Balinese Grebeg
Colin McPhee Balinese Ceremonial Music (2nd and 3rd Movt)
Lou Harrison Cornish Lancaran

Ticket & Booking Information
Free admission with retiring donations gratefully received.

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