Lisney Trio

Seraphin Chamber Series I

Beethoven – The last sonatas

Saturday 12th December 2020

4:00 pm

The Lisney Trio

Emma Lisney violin
Joy Lisney violoncello
James Lisney piano

Archduke Rudolph Johann Joseph Rainer (1788-1831), Beethoven’s most generous and constant patron, received the dedications of fourteen works that included the piano sonatas opus 81a (Les Adieux) and opus 106 (Hammerklavier), the piano concerto opus 73 (Emperor) and the Missa Solemnis opus 123.

The Violin Sonata opus 96 was written in 1812, the Archduke giving the first performance together with the violinist Pierre Rode. Shortly before completing the work, Beethoven wrote to the Archduke Rudolph,
“…I did not make great haste in the last movement for the sake of mere punctuality, the more because, in writing it, I had to consider the playing of Rode. In our finales we like rushing and resounding passages, but this does not please R - this hinders me somewhat.”

Nonetheless, opus 96 is recognised as a lyric masterpiece and entirely suitable as Beethoven's last word on this genre.

Though taking the next opus number, the Archduke Trio was completed earlier in 1811. The first performance was given in 1814 by Beethoven himself, with Ignaz Schuppanzigh (1776-1830) and Joseph Linke (1783-1837) taking the string parts. Beethoven’s deafness continued to encroach upon his ability as a performer and after a second performance, a few weeks later, Beethoven did not appear again in public as a pianist.

Sonata in G, opus 96 for piano and violin
Trio in B flat, opus 97, for piano trio (Archduke)

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£15 each concert, £25 for a ticket to both concerts

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