200206-08 G&S

The Sorcerer

Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society

Saturday 8th February

2:00 pm

Starry-eyed young lovers Alexis and Aline wish everyone in their village could be as
happily besotted as they are. In a moment of well-meaning inspiration, Alexis hires
John Wellington Wells, a sorcerer with questionable intentions, to brew a
love-potion for their fellow citizens. All that remains is to slip the potion into the tea
at the wedding feast... but though the villagers fall in love, they do so with the first
person the see, no matter who it is - or how much that hate them! Will true love win
through? Or are the villagers doomed to a life of joyless love?

The Sorcerer is a funny, touching, and exciting fairy tale wrapped up in a wonderful
comic operetta. The Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society are delighted
to return to West Road Concert Hall to present it as our Mainshow in Lent of 2020!

Ticket & Booking Information
Adult - Premium £19.00
Concession - Premium £17.00
Student - Premium £11.00

Adult - Standard £13.00
Concession - Standard £11.00
Student - Standard £7.00

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