220130 CUABC

Town vs Gown 2022

An evening of boxing

Sunday 30th January

4:00 pm

Back after a brief absence, Cambridge University Amateur Boxing Club is excited to once again host our annual Town vs Gown boxing night at West Road Concert Hall on the 30th January.

In this historic, previously sold-out event, boxers from the Cambridge University Amateur Boxing Club will be matched against boxers from in and around Cambridge in what will be one of the most fierce sporting events of 2022.

Our boxers have trained tirelessly to take the lead in the 114th Varsity at the 'other place' this year and this is bound to be a memorable and enthralling night of boxing.

Ticket & Booking Information
Student: £15
Non-student: £20
Cambridge students: contact your CUABC college rep for tickets
Non-Cambridge students and alumni, please contact vicepresident@cuabc.org or development@cuabc.org as appropriate to book tickets

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