Whether you are looking for a full day of catering for conference clients, or a private drinks reception at your concert, we can provide what you need. Our contracted external caterers are Langley Larder, though we are still able to offer simple receptions through the use of our own internal bar.


Langley Larder

Here you can find examples of the type of food and drink Langley Larder can offer. When you are ready to discuss your requirements in detail, please call Paula on 01223 881628 or email her at


Concert Hall Bar

Some events just need simple ‘wine and crisp’ style receptions which we can still offer through our own bar staff. If this is what you are looking for, please call Dave Plimmer on 01223 335180 or email him at


Whichever route you choose, the cost will be added to your final invoice post-event. Please note that West Road Concert Hall does not have the facilities to store large amounts of food in the right conditions and therefore cannot allow consumables to be brought onto the premises in any way other than as described above.