WRCH 3 stock credit Alice Boagey


YGX - Eat You Up + better

Wang Shiyi - Lighting the lantern

Door by Kwon Eun-Bi, Hush by Miss A, Roll deep by HyunA - Jazz Mashup

MTY Dance Studio - Cold Blooded

Lay - Flying Apsaras


NCT Dream - Hello Future

Jiayang - That Year the Flower Blooms in the Full Moon

Aespa - Black Mamba

Huyan - The first Makeup of Yingtai

Twice - Likey

Noze - Hey Mama

Committee dance

Box Office

Admission ticket:£11 Discounted ticket (Tickets for Family and Friends):£9


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The annual dance show provided by the biggest Cambridge University oriental dance society.This year’s dance show consists of more than 10 performances including jazz, k-pop, Chinese traditional dance and so on. See the programme order! Tickets will be discounted if you are a friend of our dancers.