240310 Cambridge University Chinese Orchestra Society A Toast to the Moon


Arranged by Simin Wu & Anna Yiu - March of The Elephant King

Composed by Jingyu Chen - Blossoming

Arranged by Ce Liang & Simin Wu - Jasmine Flower & My Motherland

- Six solo/ensemble pieces


- Five solo/ensemble pieces

Arranged by Anna Yiu - Liyue

Arranged by Simin Wu - Tang Court Ensemble

Arranged by Simin Wu - Chi Ling

Two hours including interval

Box Office

ADC Ticketing 01223 300085

Band A: £15 for adults, £13 for concessions, £11 for students booking in groups of 5 | Band B: £13 for adults, £10 for concessions, £8 for students booking in groups of 5 Concession rate (ID required) includes students, over 60s, jobseekers, university staff, and alumni

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A concert booklet with more detailed introductions to all our pieces will be available for collection upon entry

Su Shi, a poet in the Song dynasty who is famous for his bold and unconstrained style, described his spirit-visit to the ancient land where an epic third-century naval battle (The Battle of Red Cliffs) took place in his masterpiece Red Cliff Meditation (《念奴娇·赤壁怀古》 ). He returned to the realistic world with a toast to the moon to express his reminiscence of a remote past and transcendent broad-mindedness: Just like the history with magnificent rise and fall, life is a dream. Let's all give an awesome toast to the moon and enjoy the music transcending space and time!

CUCOS is the largest student-led Chinese orchestra in Europe, founded in 2007, with both a Chinese Instrument Division and Western Instrument Division.