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The Cambridge University Chinese Society Variety Show proudly aligns itself with CHOICE (Cambridge Hong Kong Operations for International Children's Education), a distinguished organisation dedicated to fostering academic excellence among underprivileged children. Through our steadfast support, we contribute to CHOICE's mission of providing invaluable educational opportunities and volunteer services in Hong Kong and beyond. They actively engage in enriching sessions aimed at broadening the horizons of these young minds, imparting knowledge across various societal domains.

There are always times when clouds are cast over families; and times when relationships meet their end. How people come to know one another is as miraculous as two seemingly parallel lines intersecting, but how one decides to trek along these paths and create intricate patterns with these intersecting lines is not a miracle; it is what we choose to do. Perhaps the only person who will always be by your side is yourself; but what is there to be afraid of? Even if each encounter is accompanied by an inevitable parting, the journey is not going to end easily when we all wish for it to be long-lasting.

As the mist thickens and the rain mercilessly falls, the three of them are standing at the fork in the road. She only wanted to have stability and happiness, he only wanted to put down the burden and soar to the sky, and he only wanted to retain the most beautiful scenery before the sky turns dark. Should they stop, let go and slowly move on, or look back and return?


In the vibrant landscape of cultural expression, the Cambridge University Variety Show Executive Committee emerges as a beacon of tradition and innovation. Committed to upholding the legacy of a cherished Hong Kong tradition, the committee stands at the forefront of organising an unprecedented edition of the Variety Show.

Led by a dynamic team of visionaries, the committee orchestrates a symphony of performances that transcend boundaries and captivate audiences. Drawing upon the rich tapestry of talent within Cambridge University's diverse community, they curate an unparalleled showcase of entertainment and cultural exchange.