230817 Kala Festival


Pt. Debasis Chakroborty - Indian Slide Guitar

Deepak Shah - piano

Dr Lovely Sharma - sitar

Durjay Bhaumik - tabla

Box Office

ADC Ticketing 01223 300085

£22 (£11 for under 25s)

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Immerse yourself in the transformative power of music at 'Music Without Boundaries', a standout event part of the 'Kala Festival' celebrations. This unique concert applauds music as a universal medium that seamlessly surmounts cultural and linguistic divisions. Be part of a mesmerising journey that traverses from the profound roots of classical ragas to the exciting realm of contemporary melodies, showcasing the boundless essence of music.

Our gifted artists - Debasis Chakroborty wielding the Indian Slide Guitar, Deepak Shah on the resonant Piano, Durjay Bhaumik expertly playing the Tabla, and Dr Lovely Sharma enchanting with the Sitar - weave a symphony of traditional and modern tunes. Each performance resonates with the eternal, borderless spirit of music.

'Music Without Boundaries' is more than a concert; it explores music's unifying core. Secure your tickets today to be part of this enthralling amalgamation of sounds and experience the global musical language that harmonises us all.

This event is suitable for the audience of all ages.