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Jacques Offenbach - Orpheus in the Underworld

Two and a half hours (including interval)

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£16 adults; £14 over 60s; £8 students

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22 February - 20:00
23 February - 20:00
24 February - 13:00
24 February - 20:00

Cambridge University Opera Society

The Cambridge University Opera Society (CUOS) exists chiefly to facilitate student operatic productions in Cambridge. Every year CUOS stages a wide variety of operas in a number of different venues around Cambridge, putting on productions at least once a term. Our Michaelmas and May Week shows vary in content and style, however, our biggest event is the Lent Term Mainshow. This is a large-scale production performed in West Road Concert Hall in February, which last year was Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Anyone is welcome to apply to take part in CUOS shows and there are a wide variety of roles available from production team to chorus, principal cast and orchestra. Opportunities for composers are also a new regular feature of our season with our student composed Opera Shorts towards the end of Lent term.

CW: Some sexual content and references to alcohol. Mild language.

"I'm leaving home, because I am dead."

Orpheus and Eurydice fell in love. Now, that feels like an age ago—a rose-tinted fling turned cynical and distant. But when Eurydice is kidnapped by Pluto and taken to the Underworld, her old flame Orpheus reluctantly pursues her. What follows is a journey which traverses time and space, heaven and hell — a place where the parties never stop. Trapped in the realm of the Gods, can an uncertain love save Eurydice from peril?

Offenbach’s opera presents the iconic Orpheus myth for the modern age. Join CUOS for an evening which brings deft wit to a love story canonised in classical myth, which still delivers with the shock of the new.