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Chinese Traditional Orchestra - Overture to Dream of the Red Chamber

Chinese Traditional Orchestra - Song of the Heroes

Dance - Ode to Bamboo

String orchestra - One Step Away

String orchestra - Chapter Seven

Dance - Peacock's Arrival

Chinese Traditional Orchestra - Soaring Dragons and Leaping Tigers

Dance - Peach Blossoms

Wind Band - Happy

Wind Band - Rolling in the Deep

Dance - Esmeralda

Dance - A Maze of Stars and Spring Water

Chorus - What I Adore

Chorus - 365 Days of Missing You

90 minutes without interval


Jinfan Dance Troupe

Chinese Traditional Orchestra


Wind Band

String orchestra

Li Xiaohui - Producer

Zhao Baowei - Planner

Teng Shuling - Supervisor

Fang Xiulin - Supervisor

Liu Jia - Executive Director & Art Director

Jin Yi - Art Directors

Liang Le - Art Directors

Zhao Chen - Art Directors

Cui Yijing - Art Directors

Miao Jingjing - Art Directors

Zhu Jingqi - Art Directors

Lan Jingya - Art Directors

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本次演出呈现了一场无与伦比的艺术饕餮盛宴,汇聚了民族管弦乐、弦乐演奏、舞蹈以及合唱等多元艺术形式。从经典的《红楼梦序曲》到激昂的《好汉歌》,观众仿佛穿越时空,亲身体验古典与现代的交融之美;舞蹈《竹颂》与《孔雀飞来》如诗如画,展现了中华文化的深厚底蕴。此外,《龙腾虎跃》的磅礴气势、Happy的欢快魔力以及Rolling in the Deep的深情吟唱,无不将现场氛围推向一个又一个高潮。舞蹈《艾斯米拉达》女变奏与《繁星春水》更是以精湛的舞技和深邃的艺术内涵,为观众带来了前所未有的视觉享受。最终,合唱团用《我喜欢》和《想你的365天》两首动人歌曲,深情地诠释了对幸福生活的热切向往和对亲情的无尽思念,为整场演出谱写完美的终章。

This performance presents an unparalleled artistic feast, bringing together diverse art forms such as national orchestral music, string music, dance, and chorus. From the classic "Overture to a Dream of Red Chamber" to the passionate “The Song of Heroes", the performance leads the audience to travel through time and space, experiencing the beauty of the blend of classics and modernity. The dances "Ode to Bamboo" and "The Flying Peacock" are poetic and picturesque, showing the unique and profound Chinese culture. In addition, the majestic momentum of “Soaring Dragons and Leaping Tigers", the cheerful of “Happy”, and the soulful singing of “Rolling in the Deep” all push the atmosphere of the scene to one climax after another. The dances "Esmeralda" and “A Maze of Stars and Spring Water" bring visual enjoyment to the audience with superb dance skills and profound artistic meaning. In the end, the choir uses two touching songs, “What I Adore" and "365 Days of Missing You", to interpret their yearning for happiness and longing for families and writes a perfect finale for the entire performance.

More about the Jinfan Art Troupe

北京师范大学附属实验中学艺术教育百花齐放,孕育了多个享誉中外的艺术团体:金帆舞蹈团作为“金帆”系列艺术团的佼佼者,承载艺术教育与人才培养的重任,以高超技艺与文化深度在国内外舞台屡获殊荣;初高中合唱团自1994年成立以来,通过演唱中外名曲,不仅在国内合唱赛事中屡夺冠军,更成为音乐与文化交流的使者,引领学生在艺术与学业上并蒂花开;民乐团则致力于弘扬中华文化艺术瑰宝,集结多才多艺的学生,用丰富多样的民族乐器编织多彩的音乐图谱,传承与创新并举;2015年成立的管乐团,以约50名非毕业年级学生为核心,秉持“传承 热爱 互助 进取”的精神,依托独特学长制度,不仅在技艺上追求卓越,更在团队合作与个人成长上书写青春华章,共同促进学生综合素质的全面提升。这些艺术团体,作为学校的骄傲,不仅丰富了校园文化生活,更是学生们梦想起航的舞台,他们在不同的艺术领域中探索、成长,共同绘制出一幅幅绚丽的艺术教育画卷。

The art education of the Experimental High School affiliated with Beijing Normal University has blossomed, embracing a number of well-known art groups within and outside the country. As one of the leading art troupes of the "Jinfan" series, the dance group carries the responsibility of both art education and talent training and has won many awards across the country and abroad, with its outstanding dancing skills and in-depth cultural integration.

Since its establishment in 1994, the Junior and Senior high School Choir has not only won many champions in domestic competitions by singing famous Chinese and Western songs but also become a bridge that connects cultures, leading students to develop in art and academics.

The Chinese Orchestra is dedicated to carrying forward the essence of Chinese culture and instrumental art, gathering talented students, and weaving colorful musical charts with a variety of national instruments, blending tradition with and innovation.

Established in 2015, with about 50 students as major members, upholding the spirit of "inheritance, love, mutual support, and development", and relying on a unique senior system, the Wind Band not only pursues excellence in skills but also focuses on teamwork and personal growth, jointly improving students' comprehensive abilities.

These art groups, as the pride of the school, draw a beautiful picture of art education as they not only enrich the campus cultural life but also provide students with a stage for exploration and growth in different art fields.