230420 AAM


Farina - Capriccio Stravagante

Westhoff - Imitatione delle campane

Walther - Serenata a un coro di violini

Scheidt - Ludi Musici

Schmelzer - Balletto á 4 ‘Fechtschule’

Biber - Mensa Sonora, Pars VI

Schmelzer - Polnische sackpfeiffen

Biber - Battaglia á 10


Academy of Ancient Music

Bojan Čičić - director & violin

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Cambridge Live 01223 357851

£5 – £37.50

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Expect the unexpected, as Bojan Čičić opens the baroque era’s musical jokebook for an evening of novelties, parodies and flights of fancy by Biber, Schmelzer and their contemporaries.

Humanity is part of nature too – and never more so than when we’re transforming the world around us into music. For composers like Biber, Schmelzer, Farina and Scheidt, there was nothing that wasn’t musical: a fencing school, a busy street, a city bell-tower or the chaos and clamour of battle.

You’ll hear them all in this flamboyant sonic extravaganza from six baroque masters letting their imaginations run off the leash. Expect bagpipes and bullets, pealing bells and rollicking dance tunes – plus a bunch of violins that think they’re harps. They’re painted from life by Bojan Čičić and Academy of Ancient Music – performers who know that the baroque era was at its best when it had a smile on its face.

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Academy of Ancient Music (AAM) is an orchestra with a worldwide reputation for excellence in baroque and classical music. Using historically-informed techniques, period-specific instruments and original sources, we bring music vividly to life in committed, vibrant performances.